PT Siven Teknologi Informasi (STI) is focused on helping customers implement the most efficient and effective business processes to support their operations. There are many different ways to consider businesses processes, whether looking at specific processes or End-to-End business flows. Many businesses use similar business processes and can be considered as having a common business model. The efficiency, with which a business configures its business processes and then implements the systems to support them, plays a strong part in how well that business can perform.

At STI, we view business processes from many different vantage points. You will see a discussion of Process Types where we look at separate functions within a business, and the specific categories that make up that type, including End-to-End processes where we consider a flow of processes to deliver value to your business, and Common Business Models made up of the key processes deployed by companies with similar models.

STI can also help customers design and configure a core model for their business which can be deployed to multiple sites. The core model offers a consistent set of business processes configured for SIVENSYS, which helps to standardize user procedures and provide for rapid deployment.

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