SIVENSYS is a powerful ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an integrated system information application that is designed for distribution, manufacturing, retail and services enterprise. SIVENSYS has a role to integrate and automate business processes from end to end associated with aspects of the operation, production, distribution, sales, financial, accounting, human resources and other business processes according to the characteristics of the company.

SIVENSYS ERP owned and developed by the original developer Indonesia since 2006, goes on sale since 2009 and has received its legality since 2014, so that the source code and license will be easily maintained because it will be not depend from overseas developer which is expensive and hardly to contact.

Advantages of  SIVENSYS

  • ​​We owned our source code​
  • Indonesian Integrated System with Global Standard APICS (Association Production and Inventory Control Society)
  • Unlimited User (Special SIVENSYS UNLIMITED)
  • SIVENSYS can support unlimited users, so the cost is very efficient. (Special for SIVENSYS Unlimited Edition)
  • Free Client Access License (CAL) dan Free Database License
  • Support Multi Branch
  • Remote Assistance
  • Can be operated in offline and online mode
  • Smart Communication
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